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~ Every single day, each of us battles moments of seriously undervaluing ourselves. For some it is a chronic problem.

THE UNDERVALUED SELF (Little, Brown and Company) solves the problem "naturally," by teaching us to modify the two innate behavior systems that we use all day, every day, and that determine how we view ourselves, whether we are happy or depressed, and so much else. These two instincts are to rank each other in a search for power and to link with each other in our search for love.

At home, in our romantic relationships, family relationships, with our children, and in our business lives, we constantly deal with this interplay of love and power, linking and ranking. When the two go wrong, we undervalue ourselves – to our own detriment and that of everyone around us.


"Elaine Aron is a protector of the heart - a woman who offers a wise perspective on what it means to be a true, authentic human being who honors his or her soul. The Undervalued Self takes a critical (and insightful) look at what keeps people from fully expressing their power and engaging in the highest form of human activity - connecting with others in a deep and respectful way. I highly recommend this book!"

- Cheryl Richardson,
New York Times bestselling author
Take Time for Your Life and Life Makeovers


"Elaine Aron's newest book, The Undervalued Self, is the centerpiece of a new psychology of liberation that is must reading for all of us--the timid and the bold alike. She carries her keen insights on human nature over from her bestseller, The Highly Sensitive Person, to this new domain of advising us how to free ourselves from the many constraints that limit our potential. She guides us on a path to discovering new joys and fulfillment in our personal and professional lives."

- Philip G. Zimbardo,
author of The Time Paradox and The Lucifer Effect

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